Making a real difference in 2017!

As the year comes to an end, I look back at this special garden and reflect on what I have achieved in 2017.

Taking on this typically English garden in late summer, I was tasked with getting it under control. It’s a lovely established country garden in Horsted Keynes, Sussex.


Rising to the challenge I began to clear, weed, prune, trim and tidy under the watchful eye of Alison (head gardener & owner)

I’ve enjoyed the company of ‘Bear’ the owners lovely black Labrador. The black, red and white ‘Great Spotted Woodpecker’ and the sound of the steam trains rattling through.


I’m pleased to be handing back the garden in 2018. As Alison is now fit and well and back to full health.


What the client said:

“You’ve made a real improvement overall and I feel much more able to try and keep that going myself in the spring” Alison & Ben – Horsted Keynes, Sussex.




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